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A not so rainy day

    For a change, see Goa at it's roaring best - Watch the sea soar into the sky, zoom & hurtle down
    with thunderous roars!

    Listen to the stampeding waves as the clouds open the floodgates and sweep upon everything
    below that is filthy. Smell the damp earth & moist hay. Listen to the chorus of frogs and the
    crickets, and a live cuckoo alarm to wake you up.

    Soak yourself in heavenly waters that not only chill your bones, but also warm your soul. These are
    lazy times you'd just love to experience. Nature at it's best. Don't blame us if you cannot wander.
    We'll do all we can to make your holiday miserably wet.


Check our monsoon offer below:

Just half our Seasonal prices i.e. Rs.400/- to Rs.650/- (depending on length of stay)
+ taxes (if applicable). TV will be provided on request.